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A Mat Tray to hold a coconut mat and contain the dust. It comes in two sizes. One for the house and a smaller tray for the RV or small spaces. Click on picture to see more. matray_200.jpg (3928 bytes)

flare_200.jpg (3928 bytes) Rear wheel flares will fit some popular mini-buses. Molded in ABS for impact resistance and the inside lip is rolled for improved appearance and durability.Click on picture to see more.


Our Information Board is used when more than one page of information needs to be displayed. Used to show operating instructions, emergency procedures, maintenance routines and information that must be immediately available. Usually mounted vertically on machinery or walls, the vinyl page holders are held in place by brushes to resist vibration, wind or spray. Click on picture to see more. infobd_200.jpg (53742 bytes)

ceramic_200.jpg (62032 bytes) We have two unique artist's palettes. Click on the picture to see them.

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