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Comments about half pans:

Received June 22/14

Hi Robert.

I received my new set of 70 Lucas Aquarell 1862 half pan size watercolors.
These half pans fit into your 15" / 85-paint well Palette Set perfectly.
You need to push down on the top of the(dry) half pans and they almost "click" into place.
This is a good thing, because it assures that the half pans won't fall out if the palette is tipped

In the past, I have purchased several brands of empty half pans from Jerry's Artarama, Daniel Smith and Dick Blick to fill up with tube paints. All the various brands do differ in size slightly from one another. These half pans did not all fit into the Robax wells, but this is not a problem with a "little fix".Simply take a metal nail file and round off the bottom corner edges of the empty half pans and then they will "click" down into the Robax wells. A small pair of needle nose pliers make taking the pans in and out of the wells very easy. This issue would apply only to those who already have paints in half pans , have previously put tube paints into empty half pans, or have brands other than the Lucas half pans and wish to move them into theRobax palette.

This being said, there is no need for half pan containers if you use tube paints (watercolor or acrylic) as you just need to squeeze the various colors directly into the Robax palette wells .

The Robax palette with the lazy susan is a phenomenal product and I would not hesitate in purchasing it just because a little filing might be necessary to put some brands of half pans into it.
It's worth the extra effort to have such a wonderful palette!

Artist's should keep in mind that you really don't want a bunch of loose half pans in the wells rattling around, so it's a good thing that they need to actually be pushed down with a little force. This keeps each paint color secure & happy!

Suzi Brown
Mixed media artist & instructor
Park City Utah



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