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rb_w_dcell_120.jpg (4418 bytes) Welcome to our web site. I'm Robert Baxter, the owner. On these pages you will see a sampling of the products that have been produced with our engineering and from our tooling. Click the links on the left to see more and then a click on any picture will enlarge it and provide more information. Contact me regarding your project, my email address is . Short run precision jobs are welcomed. Our quality is uncompromising.... and thanks for visiting!




Robax Information Boards will put multiple pages of information, instructions, emergency  procedures, etc. where they are most needed. Mount on machines, walls, panels, etc.


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palet64s_120.jpg (48432 bytes) We make several unusual palettes which were designed at the request of artists.



You will ship more parts per container, safely and at lower cost with thermoformed shipping dunnage engineered to optimise the use of the available space with a safe margin around each part and the minimum of plastic. This type of product is also used as separators to hold parts during manufacturing processes. bin of spacers_120.jpg (6335 bytes)





Thermoformed plastic trays are put to many uses. In this section you will see trays for shipping and display. trays for off-handling materials during their production. trays for assembling components and trays for tools. tankfittings_120.jpg (4088 bytes)



redcover_med_120.jpg (4270 bytes) We have made the tooling that has produced covers for many purposes including machine covers, safety covers and decorative covers



We can design your product for you or if you prefer we can design it with you. With 3D digitizing and an exchange of CAD drawings through email, we can work together. The advantage of thermoforming is that it allows the design to be developed quickly and with a low capital outlay.We can cut, bend, glue, weld and machine plastics to produce a variety of products. The final cnc machining can produce parts comparable to injection moulding. whacker_cover_120.jpg (4914 bytes)

     15217 SE 100 Way, White Springs, FL 32096 , U.S.A.         

     Phone   (386) 397-2256  -  Fax  (888) 391-7195

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